Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Welcome to The Stable Home Decor Blog!  We are excited to give you an inside look at how we decorate and share tips on how to get the same look at home!

In a year that is going by so quickly, it’s hard to believe that we are in October and Fall is all around us.  We’ve even had our first days below 80 degrees!  Pumpkins are appearing everywhere, in our lattes, food, lip gloss (!!!) and all over our decor!  Introducing the pumpkin into your home is a quick and easy way to feel Fall, even when you’re in Florida.

Pumpkin decor, jars, towels, etc

We have curated a variety of shelf sitters and sculptural pieces of all shapes and sizes that range from rustic to modern.  Hand carved wooden pieces evoke farmlands and country settings while more simple shapes soften and comfort.  Featuring a pumpkin in your home with a saying is another way to reinforce the Fall feelings of contentment and nostalgia.

At the table, copper finish pumpkin napkin rings can add a subtle nod to the season.  The deep brown hue makes them versatile for almost any color napkin.  Emphasize the pumpkin by using a contrasting color such as white or rust, or make them more of an accent by choosing a deep burgundy or pattern.  

a small canvas with a white pumpkin print behind a bag of potpourri with an orange bow



Scents also effectively bring back memories and can add another dimension of decorating to your home.  Candles and Melts with aromas like Pumpkin Caramel and Apple Pie give us all of the feelings of the foods they are associated with, and none of the calories!  Potpourri is another way to add a fragrance while adding a splash of color to an area.  Feature it in a shallow bowl at the entrance of a room or in the middle as a focal point on your tablescape.  Our pumpkin shaped vase fill, available in a variety of colors and scents, is another way to embrace Fall with a touch of whimsy.

Happy Fall Y'all!  - Matt 






Speaking of whimsy, pumpkins also serve as the perfect accompaniment to one of our favorite holidays, Halloween!  Featured in a variety of items ranging from wreaths to banners and signs, utilizing the pumpkin in a fun way can brighten any room and make family members and guests smile.  Whether carved into Jack O’ Lanterns, or used as a design in a luminary, the pumpkin is an iconic part of this time of year