Northern Lights Candles - Spirit Jars Assorted


A homage to craft cocktails, this line combines fragrances and the wit of your favorite bartender with 'Snappy Snippets' on each label.  Each candle has an approximate burn time of 35 hours and measures 3" x 3" x 4"

Whiskey & Tobacco - Kentucky whiskey with leafy tobacco, ginger and sweet, crushed Tonka Bean.

Absinthe & Black Fig - Black fig infused with a woodsy blend of absinthe, black currant & patchouli.

Dark Rum & Oak - Sweet, oak barrel rum with hints of coffee, patchouli and orange blossom

Blue Velvet Gin - Freshly steeped juniper berry and Amalfi lemon peel with lime zest, black currant and tangerine blossom